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Natural Gas

How much can I save?
A therm of natural gas is equal to 100,000 BTUS of heat. For comparison: a gallon of propane is equal to approximately 91,500 BTUS, a gallon of #2 Fuel oil is 140,000 BTUS and a gallon of #1 Fuel oil is about 136,000 BTUS. Electricity requires 29.29 KWh to reach 100,000 BTUs.   888-935-2281
Is it safe?
  • We have excess flow valves (EFV) on all of our 1” lines. These are safety devices that sense the surge in the line if it is hit and will close immediately.
  • Starting March 1 2017 PHYMSA is requiring that all services need to have shut offs. This can be EFV’s or curb side valves. This will include 1” and 2” services.
  • We have strategically placed valves along the main for emergency shutoffs. They sectionalize our system so we do not have to relight an entire town if we have a big line hit.
  • We are part of a program called paradigm. This program works to inform homeowners, excavators, farmers and emergency personnel along the route of the dangers of digging without a locate ticket. We have marker posts along the route informing people that a line is underground and has our emergency contact info included. We are part of the 811 one call system that allows you to have utilities located free of charge.
  • We have a 24/7 emergency response in place in case of afterhours emergency.
  • There is an odorant called mer captain added to the natural gas that gives it an unpleasant smell. If you smell anything unusual you should immediately call our emergency number. This is monitored and maintained for safety.
  • Natural gas is lighter than air. If there were to be a release of gas into the atmosphere, it will rise and dissipate into the atmosphere. This eliminates “pooling” of natural gas so the chance of an accidental ignition is minimized.
Where does the natural gas come from?

The natural gas that is delivered to your home or business starts out from western Alberta. It travels across Canada on the trans-Canadian pipeline and crosses the border in Emerson, ND. From there it is transported on the Viking pipeline on its way to Marshfield, WI. We tie into the Viking pipeline near Crookston, Beltrami and Ada MN.

How can I find out if I qualify
to get natural gas to my home or business?
  • Please call our Mahnomen office to find out if you are in the coverage area. We will answer any questions you might have either by phone or we will visit you on site.
  • Once you determine you want natural gas we will have a sales person meet with you to establish meter placement and get paperwork signed.