We offer both residential and commercial propane delivery. If you are looking at switching to propane as your main source of heat, we encourage you to call our office to speak with our Propane Manager. He will be able to discuss options with you and schedule a time to set you up with a system that is right for your heating demand.

What is Propane:

  • Clean burning, efficient, portable and economical, therefore it is one of nature's most versatile fuels.
  • Suitable for household equipment and appliances, fueling automobiles and forklifts, and for use at farms and businesses.
  • A by-product of crude oil and natural gas production; it is extracted from the refining of oil and natural gas as a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, heavier-than-air vapor. An "odorant" is added to allow for detection.
  • A liquefied petroleum gas, not a manufactured gas.
  • Conveniently stored under moderate pressure in cylinders or tanks for portability.
  • Transported by pipeline, rail car, or truck.
  • Liquid propane boils (vaporizes from liquid to vapor) at -44F (-42.2C).
  • When the temperature of propane in a container rises, the vapor pressure also rises. Propane expands 1.5% for every 10 degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature.
  • Propane is stored under moderate pressure. When the pressure is released, the liquid converts to a flammable gas at a ratio of 1:270.
  • Propane gas (vapor) is 1.5 times the weight of air, and will settle in low areas.
  • As a liquid, propane is half the weight of water.
  • About 23.5 cubic feet of air is required to burn one cubic foot of propane.
  • Complete combustion of propane produces water vapor and carbon dioxide, two elements that are found naturally in the environment.
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