Types of Delivery

Routed Delivery

Routed Delivery is based on regular consumption of propane for routing of deliveries.

If there are changes in your consumption – an increase or decrease – it is your responsibility to notify us. This allows us to adjust consumption rate to determine delivery needs. Using more or less fuel can cause you to run out. These problems can be costly and would be your responsibility. We can adjust deliveries to reflect your new use in many cases.

  • We now have tank monitors available, which send tank levels to our company to keep us informed of your usage on an on-going basis. Contact our Propane Manager for more information.
  • We require a Routed Delivery Agreement Form be completed to determine if you qualify for this delivery type. Please call the office and we will gladly send you the form to complete.
  • Homeowner is ultimately responsible for monitoring tank level.

Will Call Delivery

  • Customer controls when deliveries are made.
  • 200 gallons or a fill is required to receive our 10₵ / gallons cash discount price. Anything below that may incur a fee or higher charge per gallon. Cash discount is not given for credit card payment.
  • After hours emergency delivery is made at an additional charge.
  • If you are out of fuel when you call to order, a same day delivery charge will be applied.

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