Purchase Programs

Cash Price Discount

When you receive a fuel or propane delivery, the driver will leave you a ticket or it will be mailed to you from the office the next day. If a cash discount is available, the amount will appear on the ticket. Cash discount is received if paid within 10 days of delivery, with either cash or check, discounts are not available if paid by credit card.

Propane Summerfill

A one-time propane fill in the summer only, at our summer price.

Winter Propane Pre-Buy
(Deliveries October 1 thru March 31)

Community Co-ops offers the opportunity for customers to purchase a choice amount of gallons of propane or fuel before the heating season begins. The price per gallon is set as a “pre-buy price” and the customer chooses how much they wish to purchase at that time for the winter heating season. The Propane Pre-Buy is set up as a contract, you must call to have a contract mailed to you. Pre-buy gallons must be paid for in full with the contract.

Bulk Fuel Pre-Buy

Community Co-ops offers the opportunity for the customer to pre-purchase a choice number of gallons of fuel for that year or particular season. This option is available to purchase at any time of the year. The price per gallon varies with the market. Pre-buy gallons must be paid for in full before delivery.

Bulk Contract

Farmers already struggle with the ever changing prices of the market. Therefore we offer a contract which gives customers the opportunity to purchase a set amount of gallons at a locked in price with only 30₵ per gallon down. The rest is due 10 days after delivery.

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